Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Max Payne Coming to iOS and Android!

Well here is a bit of fantastic news. The once legendary game on PC and PS2 Max Payne is heading onto iOS and Android. This classic game was the joy of many an hour of my time when the original was released and if the release of Grand Theft Auto III onto the mobile platforms is anything to go by then it is going to be a success a second time around on the mobile platforms

This is being released by Rockstar Games which looks like they are wanting to capitalise on the successes of previous releases of older games onto mobile platforms and to be honest it seems to be a winning tactic for a number of games publishers.

The one interesting aspect I am waiting to see how well the bullet-time, which was remarkable when the game was initially released in 2001, is implemented onto touchscreen as well as how fluid the gameplay will be in comparison to desktop / console gameplay.

Max Payne has released on iOS in New Zealand already and is being released on 12 April on iOS and 26(!) April on Android.

When this is released this will definitely get a review so keep checking back for more information!

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